We are constantly learning as we work with our clients. Our 40+ years of experience in the execution of large-scale change with organizations across multiple sectors around the globe have allowed us to capture deep insights into the specific challenges leaders face in disruptive environments.

Since its creation in 2014, Conner Advisory has focused intensively on helping clients in the civil society sector, primarily INGOs and nonprofits. Our latest research combines insights from our prior work in the public and private sectors with these experiences supporting leaders who are pursuing changes that matter.

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  1. Identifying Difficult Change Initiatives
  2. The Board’s Role in Major Change
  3. Managing Intent: Delivering on Promises and Achieving Full Realization – Download
  4. Characteristics of Effective Sponsorship – Download
  5. Leading Successful Change Amidst a Disruptive INGO Environment – Download
  6. Managing Overload – Balancing Adaptation Capacity with Demand – Download
  7. Organizational Culture and Its Impact on Change in the Civil Society Sector – Download
  8. Cultural Implications of INGO Mergers and Acquisitions – Download
  9. Senior Team Synergy: Forging Strong Leadership Teams to Execute Urgent Strategic Priorities – Download
  10. What Comes First, the Mission or Me – Download

Latest Insights

  • A Journey of Change Mastery with Daryl Conner
  • Power Shift Lab” with Executive Director of the International Civil Society Centre’s Wolfgang Jamann
    Ed Boswell joins Wolfgang in “Power Shift Lab” to look at power concerning ICSOs’ governance, and analyse power dynamics and factors furthering or hindering the shifting of power within their organisations.
  • NGO Soul + Strategy with Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken
    NGO Soul + Strategy podcast founder, Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken interviews Ed to provide observations in helping leaders navigate big organizational change.
  • 30 minutes with Lutheran World Relief’s Daniel Speckhard
    Daniel Speckhard, CEO of Lutheran World Relief (LWR), joined Daryl for a candid conversation about the challenges his team faced when merging LWR and IMA World Health. Listen to this recording to hear what surprised him, the biggest challenges they faced and tips for organizations considering a merger.
  • ForbesBooks Enjoy an engaging discussion about our personal mission to help organizations with internal change so they can fully achieve their potential and profoundly improve the lives of millions of people around the world.
  • Live Chat with Ed Boswell The International Civil Society Centre’s Thomas Howie hosts Ed Boswell, Conner Advisory Founder and CEO, for a discussion on Organizational culture and its impact on change in the civil society sector.

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