How we serve

At Conner Advisory, we help leaders successfully execute strategies they have identified as essential to delivering changes that matter. We do so by:

  • preparing senior executives for their roles in leading their organization’s change efforts;
  • diagnosing key implementation risks and identifying needed mitigations;
  • developing roadmaps for reaching full realization, including critical milestones and action plans;
  • acting as trusted advisors and providing guidance as they engage the change process; and
  • conducting a post-execution review to uncover lessons learned and codify best practices.

The illustration below indicates several points throughout the strategy execution process at which Conner Advisory provides support to organizations.

Before Formulation: Exploring options for how the change will be positioned – will it be incremental or transformational in nature; will it be measured by installation or realization indicators; will it be viewed as a good idea or business imperative

Before Approval: Informing decisions about execution strategies, roles, and probable risks

Before Execution: Preparing the top team and designing the change infrastructure

During Execution: Providing leadership counsel and a rigorous framework for identifying and mitigating risks; and tracking progress to realization

Following Execution: Conducting a post-mortem, after-action review to harvest insights for future endeavors